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Posted On Fri, June 1 20By Dana Schulz In. Valek rolling pins, laser-engraved rolling pins. Laser-Engraved Dog Pattern Rolling Pin from Valek Rolling Pins.

Personnalisez vos biscuits avec Valek Rolling Pins c’est possible ! Zuzia Zuber est une jeune polonaise qui habite près de Varsovie. Personalize laser engraved rolling pins!

Now you can emboss your cookies in a moment with all kind of fun patterns! So, to solve this problem, Kozerska founded Valek–a popular Etsy shop that sells solid-beech rolling pins laser-embossed with an array of . Rollware, designed by Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza, and Povilas Raskevicius, is a set of rolling pins with laser cut shapes in them that lets you roll out and . Like other rolling pins, you can use the Valek Rolling Pins to shape and flatten dough. Unlike them, these baking utensils leave your cookies, . SNOWFLAKES rolling pin, embossing rolling pin, engraved rolling pin by laser, christmas, marry christmas by GOODYWOODYcompl (11PLN) . You can buy these and many other designs at the Etsy store Valek Rolling Pins (they’re made in Warsaw, Poland).

Grawerowane wałki do ciasta, które odbijają niepowtarzalne wzory na ciasteczkach i nie tylko! If you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade your cookies or pie crust try Valek Rolling Pins, with various laser-engraved rolling pins.

The only thing that’s better for a baker than a really great rolling pin is an. Kozerska’s Etsy store Valek Rolling Pins. Whether your creative talents lie with food or art, the Valek rolling pins are a uanique way to roll out the fun. Made by Zuzia Kozerska, Dax’s Dog Spot features . We’re big fans of these graphic rolling pins that take baking to the next level in one easy step. The best part is these laser engraved rolling pins make it so easy to do.

Elaborated Design of Valek Rolling Pins in a Laser Engraved form. Kitchen tools are an unusual mean to display creativity. All of the rolling pins can be purchased on Etsy or on the Valek Rolling Pins website.

Check out a few of Kozerska-Girard’s rolling pins below:. Designer Creates Engraved Rolling Pins That Stamp Dough With Cheerful Patterns.